A taste of Southern France comes to Australia

A new Australian partnership has bought the rich flavours of a southern French summer to Australian orchardists and Australian consumers, with the introduction of the Regal’in™ peach, nectarine, and cherry varieties.

Agro Selections Fruits (also known as Maillard genetics), the breeding company owner of the REGAL’IN™ varieties, have been breeding new and beautiful varieties of fruit trees, using centuries old traditional methods of carefully crossing the pollen of one fruit type with another and selecting the improved trees, year after year.

The results have been surprising, with new varieties of super healthy red fleshed nectarines, beautiful white and red cherries and a season-long series of easy to eat flat nectarines and peaches.

The Australian companies working together to bring these new tastes to Australia are WA Farm Direct, Antico International and the N&A Group, a group of Australian family businesses who have been in the fruit industry for decades.

Fruit Logistica in Berlin is the site of the official announcement of the partnership and the new fruit trees will be planted by growers throughout Australia next year, once they have passed Australia’s stringent quarantine processes.

Rob Cathels from the N&A Group, based in Sydney Australia said, “we are looking forward to offering our Grower group the chance to grow something that’s really different and to diversify out of the standard peach and nectarine offer which has become overly commoditised. It’s great to give Australian consumers a new taste offer too, so it’s one of the rare win-wins that we search for.”

Regal’in™ are an innovative family owned fruit tree company in Elne, southern France, and while boutique, their trees are now grown in many countries around the world, and it would seem that Australia has missed out up until now. Luckily that’s changing, and Australian families should be able to taste the first of these new fruits in 2021.

Families in Asia have been enjoying Regal’in™ fruit for many years now and it has become a well known and highly desired brand in the region. Importantly, this opens another avenue for Australian growers to access well established export markets which will give a much needed boost to the sustainability of the industry in Australia.

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Publication date: 2/15/2018