First air freighted Australian honey peaches land in Beijing

On January 29th, 2018, the first shipment of Australian honey peaches was air freighted to Beijing and transported directly to the Xinfadi market in Beijing. The exporter was Royal Fresh International, and the importer was Beijing Jinsanfu International Trading Co., Ltd. The individual boxes of Australian honey peach weighed 4 kg. There were altogether 780 boxes. Most of them contained 16 to 18 peaches, and the smallest amount was still 12 to 14 peaches in a box.

The production season of Australian honey peaches generally starts in November and draws to an end in March of the subsequent year. The actual circumstances depend on differences between individual production areas and weather conditions. Mainland China has officially started to import honey peaches, apricots, and plums, just as the Australian summer production season of stone fruit is at its height. This is an excellent business opportunity, whether for Royal Fresh export of cherries, nectarines, honey peaches, plums, and Western plums, or for Chinese importers who have a strong desire to purchase fresh fruit.

This shipment of Australian honey peaches was imported under the brand "Top Crop". Top Crop is a fruit orchard in Victoria that has cooperated with Royal Fresh for many years. This orchard also supplies superior grade nectarines in relatively large volumes. Retailers who import fruit to China welcome the small peak season in the approach to Chinese Spring Festival. Royal Fresh takes this opportunity to export more fruit to China, and provide the consumers with a wider variety from which to choose.


Royal Fresh International Pty Ltd

David Yang

Bai Guang Lan, sales manager
Beijing King Sanfu International Trade Co. Ltd

Publication date: 1/31/2018