Australian nectarines arrive in Shanghai

The news conference "admire the taste of Australia" was organized in Shanghai on January 18th. Apart from an introduction to seasonal fruits from Australia, this conference also demonstrated the superior technology for the preservation of harvested fruit. It is reported that the sales promotion of seasonal nectarines lasts from January 23rd to February 1st.

It took place in the Shanghai based Ole, RT-Mart, City Super, Yummy Fruit, and Metro Supermarket, as well as at three Shanghai branches of G-Super (Xuhui, Yangpu, and Baolehui districts).

The season of Australian nectarines lasts from October to April. They can either be enjoyed when the fruit flesh is firm and crisp, or when the fruit is fully ripe, and the fruit is juicy and less acidic. The taste of nectarines is thick and sweet, which entirely suits the taste of Chinese consumers. "Admire the taste of Australia" will also host fresh Australian grapes in the coming month. The geographical distribution of production areas in Australia makes it possible to enjoy fresh and sweet grapes from November to May.

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Publication date: 1/29/2018