Chile expects to ship first nectarines to China in November


On Tuesday 25 October, Carlos Furche, Minister of Agriculture of Chile, announced that after three years of negotiations with China, Chile will be able to export nectarines to this market. On Friday 21, the negotiations between the technical teams of both countries finally came to an end and it will now be possible to set up protocols for the export of this Chilean fruit to China.

If we keep in mind that in recent years China has positioned itself as the fastest growing market for Chilean exports, the signing of an agreement for the entry of nectarines is a great opportunity for the producers. "This is something we had been expecting for a long time and the vast majority of producers have been giving support to these negotiations. Although the opening has been announced, the agreement has yet to be signed, but this is expected to happen in about 4 weeks," affirms Felipe Casanova, of Gesex.
The first shipment could be made with current harvest
Chile will start harvesting nectarines in mid-November, so the quick and definitive opening of the Chinese market is crucial for this campaign. "We're racing against time. We knew that this agreement would be signed and we have carried out negotiations to start exporting the harvest directly. But if this signing is delayed by a couple of weeks, we could have big problems. Also, we could now enter this destination with better calibres and superior quality, but always focusing on the white fleshed varieties," states the representative.

It is clear that consumption in China is still growing and has great potential, and the fact that they offer prices with good returns makes it an interesting destination. "Until now, we faced very high costs to deliver the fruit there, because everything was done via importers. Eventually, we arrived with very high prices, but this agreement will make it easier for the fruit to be shipped there and allow us to obtain better returns," stresses Casanova.

It is worth noting that this year the Chinese market also opened its doors to Australia, and the first Australian shipment of nectarines by air will take place in November, which can entail fierce competition for Chile. "Australia will definitely be one of our competitors, but they offer fruit with a higher price than the one we are able to supply, which could be an advantage in this market," concludes the spokesperson.

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Publication date: 10/31/2016