Qatar: Ministry warns against sweet melon

The Qatar Ministry of Public Health has warned against consumption of sweet melon imported from New Zealand and Australia as the fruit is suspected to be contaminated with listeria bacteria.

In Australia, growers and retailers met in “crisis talks” last week as Australian public health authorities urged consumers to throw away sweet melons because of an ongoing Listeria outbreak.

Two people have died in Australia, where the outbreak is linked to a grower in Nericon, New South Wales. Ten people across three states are known to have been infected, including the two who died.

In Qatar itself, according to, it was found that a limited quantity of the suspected fruit was distributed at some outlets on Thursday. The fruit has been withdrawn from the shelves.

The ministry seized the fruit with help of suppliers and outlets. Samples have been taken for laboratory test. The ministry has urged the consumers to return the fruit; if it is consumed and there are any of the following symptoms: high temperature, indigestion or vomiting, consumers should visit a health centre.

Publication date: 3/5/2018