North Queensland Manbulloo Mangoes Set Sail for Asia from Townsville

3,250 cartons of Manbulloo mangoes grown in North Queensland set sail for Asia today from the Port of Townsville in refrigerated containers on Mariana Express Lines’ Kota Nasrat container vessel.

Manbulloo’s Quality and Export Manager Scott Ledger said that the export shipment was a great milestone for the business.

“Our team have been very busy heat-treating and packing mangoes over the past week at Manbulloo’s facility in Giru ready for export,” said Mr Ledger.

“Packing the mangoes directly into the refrigerated container at the packhouse, then exporting out of the Port of Townsville, means there is less physical handling of mangoes and the time in the supply chain is shorter, giving us greater control and confidence to deliver high quality mangoes to our customers,” he said.

The mangoes undergo vapour heat treatment at Manbulloo’s facility for control of fruit fly, which is a requirement for export to China, South Korea and Japan.

“Other strict quarantine requirements must be followed including registration of the mango orchards for export, completion of a phytosanitary inspection of the packed mangoes and supervision of the loading of the container by a government Authorised Officer.”

To provide extra storage life, the atmosphere inside the containers is modified using the MAXtend system supplied by Mitsubishi Australia.

“The packhouse is only 50 minutes by road to the Port of Townsville where Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) arrange all the logistics for us,” he said.

“Controlled atmosphere sea freight is cheaper than sending mangoes via air to overseas markets, which will help Manbulloo to capture the opportunity to expand exports to Asia.”

The R2E2 mangoes are supplied from Manbulloo’s four orchards in North Queensland and two local growers are supporting the export program, Tony and Naomi Holloway from Jade orchard at Giru and Dale and Cheryl Williams from Euri Gold orchard at Bowen.

Mariana Express Lines Line Manager Lilian Auvaa said it was an extremely proud moment for the company.

“Our first direct Townsville to Asia container service started back in 2009 carrying mainly dry cargo both import and export”, said Ms Auvaa.

“We recognise the significance of a reliable supply chain solution that will provide our valued partners with an opportunity to move their refrigerated products to Asia direct by sea”, she said.

Pacific Asia Express (PAE), the Australian agency for MELL, has been instrumental in bringing together the key stakeholders to develop an end-to-end transport solution that has led to this first ever direct sea shipment of mangos from Townsville.

PAE’s Senior Commercial Director Greg Mawer said this it was an exciting time for Townsville and the future potential for export of mangos in refrigerated containers.

“We ship export perishable goods from all over the country and to bring our expertise to the region to work with Manbulloo and key stakeholders is what we are about,” he said.

Port of Townsville Acting Chief Executive Officer Claudia Brumme-Smith congratulated the many stakeholders in the supply chain on their efforts to make the mango shipment a reality.

“Mariana Express Lines, NSS and North Queensland Customs have put a lot of effort into this shipment for Manbulloo to get the right refrigerated containers for their cargo, said Ms Brumme-Smith.

“I’m delighted to know that mangoes grown in our region will be ready for sale in Asia for the festive season.”

Manbulloo is Australia’s largest grower of Australia’s favourite mango variety Kensington Pride, also known as the “Bowen Mango” and the R2E2 variety which Asian consumers love for its large size and beautiful blush colour.

Manbulloo: Scott Ledger - 0419 725 181
Mariana Express Lines: Lilian Auvaa – 0434 514 188
Port of Townsville: Sharon Hoops – 07 4781 1551