Dracula blood oranges for USA Halloween

Australian exporter Pinnacle Fresh hopes to grow trade with branded offering over Halloween period

Australian-grown blood oranges will take pride of place on US retail shelves this Halloween, thanks to a new themed marketing campaign from Pinnacle Fresh.

The Melbourne-based exporter hopes to educate consumers about the key health benefits and nutritional value of the fruit through its new trademarked Dracula brand.

Pinnacle Fresh account manager Daniel Newport said the specially designed Dracula cartons are perfect for building eye-catching displays.

The offering will be made available to US retailers from the second week of September, aligning perfectly with Halloween celebrations.

Pinnacle Fresh hope children and their parents will be drawn to the Dracula brand, as it provides an alternative to the candy typically associated with Halloween.

“Since revealing the content to select buyers in the US, demand has been extremely encouraging,” Pinnacle Fresh explained in a release. “Major retailers are always looking for the next event to help capture market share, so it comes as no surprise that the Dracula brand has already sparked heavy interest.”

Newport said high-antioxidant fruits have hugely increased in popularity over the past two decades, meaning the time is right for blood oranges to take the spotlight.

Recent health research has shown blood oranges have nine times the antioxidant volume of navel oranges, and have the capacity to boost metabolism, improve the immune system, stimulate collagen and act as a natural anti-inflammatory.